• Python is new cool


    Several reasons:

    - Fun. My determination: writing code in Python is a lot of fun for most people, as Python allows you to focus on the root of the problem and not get too involved. I think it's especially appealing to people who find the beauty of beauty attractive: not crazy liners, but do little to get a lot of results: unlike in Java where you have to fill out 5 "tax forms" before you start your real career. If you want to make your work more enjoyable, consider learning Python beyond the basics or higher.

    - Perform one task quickly, esp. one complex tasks. The paper "Powerful comparisons of C, C ++, Java, Perl, Python, Rexx, and Tcl of the search / process cable" by Lutz Prechelt shows that Python's operating time was less than half of Java with a benchmark (phone code symbol). As our SW-related work becomes more complex, we need to write more reliable “scripts” for this or that unique and unique work. Python is specially designed for cleanliness, minimalism, inclination, beauty and user performance (I often say "Python is Apple's programming language") is great for such functions. This is also reinforced by the large number of specific Python libraries or wrappers of well-known C / C ++ libraries. If on rare occasions you do not find a library sufficient for your intended purpose, using CFFI in Python is a bit tricky.

    - Application in machine learning, natural language processing (NLTK) or numerical calculations (Pandas, NumPy). Python has great power there.

    - Fast and easy web application development. Django shines brightly there, although I often like the best Pyramid / SQLAlchemy combination.

    - in the end, Python on the go shows the person making the program not only for the money, but because they like to edit (going back actually doesn't have to be true). Smart project managers and dev guides see this as important for a team member.

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